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BOLDMEN Adventures

Exclusive adventure mastermind retreats for executives and self-made entrepreneurs.

Reconnect with nature. Go on an adventure designed to help you:

  • Stretch your mind and body in new ways

  • Become bold, decisive, and resilient

  • Build strong, lasting relationships

BONUS: You get to have deep, raw, meaningful conversations with men who want to transform themselves and their lives too.


Stretch your mind and body.

You'll be pushed well outside your comfort zone. This allows you to create new mental models and develop a wider perspective of the world, while giving your body new terrain and movement to familiarize itself with.

Become bold, decisive, and resilient.

You'll build mental toughness and learn the qualities that make a great leader. You'll come home empowered, ready to make bold decisions, take on bigger risks, and pounce on opportunities. 

Build strong, lasting relationships.

You'll learn frameworks, mindset shifts, and practical techniques in building strong, lasting relationships. Work on yourself and watch your relationships become more connected, deeper, and richer.

“What I loved most about this weekend is having the camaraderie of fellow men who are also looking to improve themselves and improve their lives. And being able to implement the Warrior, Lover, King and Hero archetypes into my daily life is going to help me improve as a man overall. If you're even thinking about doing this I highly recommend you just go ahead and take that leap of faith. Get out there and witness how amazing it is and how life-changing it will be for you.”

Rich Harris

US Army Special Forces, 19 years active duty

”This weekend, I was excited because it's been about how to truly experience your own Hero's Journey. How to be your authentic self, be your vulnerable self. And to really understand what's in you to go to the next level. And the most amazing component was the [conversations] with the other guys. We've had some deep, deep conversations that were mind-blowing. This has been a lot of fun. And I'm a guy who likes to push throguh and get to that next level. This entire work over these few days has spoken to me so strong. The whole weekend was just, wow! I got up this morning and had a complete revelation about my life and my business. It all just clicked. This was the right place, the right time. And I'm looking forward to what's next."

Chris C.,

Founder of The Challenge Champion, endurance cyclist and Leadville 100 finisher


Duration: 3-4 days per trip
Schedule: 2-3 trips per year, upcoming trips to be announced here.
Activities: It depends on the location, but can include any of the following:

  • Whitewater rafting

  • Zipline

  • Hiking

  • Tours

  • Bonfire & Bourbon Roundtables

  • Leadership & Mentorship Mastermind

To get notified of upcoming events, go to the BOLDMEN Adventures website and click the button at the top.



Improving yourself feels good, but it's a lot more enjoyable with a brotherhood of like-minded, driven men.

Join me, learn strategies you'll use for life, become a better leader, and enrich your personal relationships. 

Come, be bold.


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I’ll be sharing:

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  • fresh ideas and practical tips to help you overcome challenges and take command of your life, and

  • behind-the-scenes and other wins from the BOLDMEN Brotherhood.