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The Manual:

Timeless, No Bullshit Wisdom for Fathers
Who Want to Raise Strong Sons


Fatherhood Doesn’t Come with Ready Instructions

And many dads are left confused, frustrated, lost.

They don’t know how to guide their children. To prepare them for the world. And it gnaws at them—the thought of being inadequate, of not fulfilling their duty.

Do you get that too? Are you confused about the right way to raise your boys, especially with society’s constantly changing and conflicting views?

What’s the best way to talk to them? How do you correct wrong behavior without ruining your relationship? How do you strengthen your bond and empower them?

This is what I hope to solve with The Manual.


Raise Confident, Capable,

Connected Sons

Yes, you can do it. Wherever you are right now.

Picture this…

  • Sons who play and go on adventures, but who also know when
    to behave and be purposeful.

  • Sons who believe in their capabilities, and have the courage to
    pursue their dreams.

  • Sons you can goof around with, but who also respect you.

  • And when they’re older, sons you don’t have to worry about,
    because you’ve taught them how to navigate the world.
    Because you gave them the tools they need.

  • How do you do that?

    Start with reading The Manual. I share 24 powerful insights and
    proven frameworks to guide you.


    Your Friend, Brother, and Mentor

    I've been there, I've lived this on both sides. I know what it takes to mentor a boy, a young man, into a man—a prince into a king.

    I’ve interviewed hundreds of men—celebrities, professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, military veterans, mentors, and leaders—and I’ve collected valuable wisdom on what great fathers are made of.

    I want to share those insights with every bold, driven father. It starts with The Manual.

    Featured In

    Proven Wisdom

    I’ve seen incredible results.

    Men who have followed the insights and wisdom in this manual have achieved success and victories they never imagined possible—both professionally and personally.

    Timeless Frameworks

    Throughout The Manual, I also share timeless frameworks I’ve developed. Frameworks based on stories that go back centuries and stories of today’s heroes.

    Frameworks that will give you clarity and direction—in how to live, love, and lead as a father.

    Close Mentorship

    It doesn’t stop with The Manual.

    The road to being the best father you could ever be continues with a customized blueprint, designed to address your specific challenges, concerns, goals, intentions.

    I’m with you every step of the way.

    The Manual

    Timeless, No Bullshit Wisdom for Fathers
    Who Want to Raise Strong Sons

    This simple, concise manual is for fathers who feel the deep desire and
    sense of responsibility to raise strong sons. Confident, capable, connected

    It’s a manual for men driven to be extraordinary leaders and live exemplary
    lives. Bold, decisive men who burn to live a life of purpose and passion.
    Men who want to influence, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on the
    next generation. And beyond.


    Words from Men I’ve Mentored

    “In 20 years of working with consultants and coaches, Eric is the first one who really brought true value to my business. His unique way of integrating social dynamics into business brought incredible insights, useful information and clear direction that made a real impact on the development of my product and business. I can’t thank him enough.”

    John M. Founder Reverse Mortgage USA 

    “Within 15 seconds of speaking with Eric for the first time, my entire life flashed in front of my eyes, highlighting all of my strengths and weaknesses with a clarity I had never felt. Eric’s methodology is one which resonated deeply with my own journey. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for more clarity and power.”

    Francois-Laurent Renet

    “This weekend has been immensely valuable and I know that it’s going to be exponential growth from here on out, because once you have the strategies from this weekend, it’s stuff that you can’t unlearn. It’s something that sits in your heart and it’s something that will reflect in everything you do for the rest of your life. It’s real. I love this work, I just love it.” 

    Paul M. 
    Commercial and fine art photographer

    Get a Personalized Blueprint Now

    To guide you from uncertainty and inadequacy to structure, strategy, and fulfillment.

    Accelerate your journey to becoming the best man, the best father, you could ever be. Book a call with me to start.

    What to expect:

  • You talk, I listen. Tell me about your challenges, concerns, goals, intentions.

  • I create a blueprint with you and walk you through the process step by step—based on a solid foundation that is timeless.

  • I'll be with you every step of the way and you'll be part of a Fatherhood Brotherhood.